Office de Tourisme Alsace Rhin Brisach

Passing the Rhine

On the way to Germany !

The Alsace Rhin Brisach is only a couple of kilometers away from Germany.
By passing over the Rhine Bridge, you can visit the fortified city Breisach am Rhein. A bit farther from that place, you have Freiburg, which has an interesting and historical city center and a lot of charming little streets to discover. If you are looking for nature then you have the choice between the Black Forest and the Titisee (Lake), 30 km kilometers from Freiburg. Over there are many hiking paths, multiples typical farms and not to forget the Feldberg, the highest point in the Black Forest, only 16 kilometers away.

Porte du Rhin de Breisach am Rhein

Breisach am Rhein, 5km

Ville de Freiburg

Freiburg, 35km


Titisee, 65km

Forêt Noire

Forêt Noire, 80km