Office de Tourisme Alsace Rhin Brisach

Picnic at the Rhine

What could be better than a short break outdoors ? Prepare the cooler, we'll take you for a picnic.

A few minutes by car from Neuf-Brisach !

Drapeau français

Park on the Rhine island, direction Vogelgrun, before the Sirénia Pool. Unfold your cover, open your parasol! Benches are available as well as a playground to entertain the children. Breathtaking view of the Breisach am Rhein Cathedral. Free parking.

Drapeau allemand

Park in the center of Breisach am Rhein (several small parking lots possible). Head towards the Rhine, after a few minutes on foot you can settle in. Tables and benches are located near the playground. For more tranquility, you can head to the port, a large corner of greenery will await you. Free parking.