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Show : l’eau douce


L’eau douce is conceived as a choreographic reverie exploring the strange, light and playful side of this elusive element. It is particularly concerned with taking the dancing bodies and the spectators’ imaginations on a journey through the different states of water.
of the spectators in the different states of water. A journey from ice to snow, then a melting towards the liquid state and the birth of the mist towards a total fading. From 3 years old.

Practical information

Opening times

  • 15.00


  • Location : Art'rhena
  • Duration : 30 min
  • Type of event : Spectacle


  • 10€ plein, 7€ réduit et < 17 ans
  • Reservation is mandatory

Show : l’eau douce

Show : l'eau douce
Art'Rhena île du Rhin
68600 Vogelgrun
03 89 71 94 31